Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NLP and me!

This past week I had the pleasure of partaking in the final 6-day requirement to obtain my NLP certificate for the purpose of practising. It was mostly exciting as I was able to witness the power of the unconsious mind unfold in front of my very eyes. One thing I learned from my gracious teacher Pam Rigden is that GREAT teachers and speakers hold that space and provide that place for dynamic change at a human level - with ease, grace, intensity and pace!!!!

Stay posted for more information on NLP and what it could do for you.

In the meantime, check out www.INLPTA.com.


Teena said...

Yay! You rock!

Yvette Raposo said...

Thank you Teena - no, YOU rock!!!!!

Trish said...

Congratulations on yet another accomplishment - sounds like an amazing experience.