Friday, November 2, 2007

Tips for eating healthy

  1. Start your morning with 1 glass of water with added lemon (1/4 squeeze). This will stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid to aid in digestion throughout the day and help in proper elimination.

  2. Have breakfast within 20 minutes of rising and include a high quality protein. This will stimulate the metabolism and the protein will keep you fuller for longer. It will also help to prevent the midday crash and carbohydrate cravings. Breakfast protein options include 1% cottage cheese or 2 eggs or a whey protein supplement/shake.

  3. Eat every 3-4 hours to keep insulin from spiking and dropping like a roller coaster ride! Pack snacks to travel with you so there is no desperate reach for calories from poor sources (like the muffin at your local coffee shop while in line for your mid-afternoon coffee). Snacks could include a yogurt, almonds/walnuts, a piece of fruit, a sweet potato, humus and fresh veggies.

  4. Add seaweed flakes ( 1 tablespoon) to a meal once a day. There are over 60 minerals available which we are likely not getting from our depleting soils. This includes iodine which helps to nourish the thyroid and regulate body temperature and the metabolism.

  5. Add nutritional yeast as a substitute for sprinkling cheese such as parmesan on popcorn or pasta. There are quality B Vitamins available which help support the nervous system and combat stress. Also available is chromium which helps curb the appetite.

  6. Don’t take away from your daily diet, JUST ADD! By adding more water and fresh fruits and vegetables alone, the body will continue to ask for these vitamins and minerals, hence naturally weaning it off of poor choices. This WILL happen naturally. You just need to be consistent. Also, the mind does not feel deprived because logically you are first adding then taking away.

  7. Do not drink, anything 20 minutes before and after meals. The liquid dilutes digestive juices and impairs digestion. Remember, it is ALL about digestion.

  8. Remember, it is ALL about digestion! Take a digestive enzyme supplement if you are continually experiencing gas, bloating or indigestion after meals. Most common uses of a supplement is in conjunction with meats, dairy and legumes/beans. Our body naturally produces these enzymes so there is no harm of adding any additional or fear of becoming dependant.

  9. Chew your food carefully and s l o w l y! This lessens the amount of work the rest of your digestive system has to do. It also helps you relax while you eat.

  10. Start a food journal for 5 days running and have a friend commit to look it over with you by the end. You may be surprised that you don’t eat as healthy as you thought. You will also find more awareness in your food choices just knowing that somebody is "looking" over your shoulder.


Crooked Eyebrow said...

Hi! I came from teena's!

Who knew it was all about digestion, thanks for the tips! I'll try. Welcome to blogging

Yvette Raposo said...

Thanks for the welcome, I am excited!!!! I hope the tips help:-)

Anonymous said...

Love these simple and easy to apply tips. Keep 'em coming! Will start with the lemon water and seaweed flakes today and keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Good Catherine, let me know how it works!!