Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thank you:-))))

Thank you for visiting my blog!!!!
The intention is to inspire, transpire and ignite your fire!

The information in my posts will largely come from my heart. Topics will include anything fitness related, boxing, holistic health, positive thinking and my own personal poetry, thoughts and experiences!!! This is me sharing with you:-)

I welcome comments and suggestions.

Happy New Year


Teena said...

I suggest you blog more often! I can't get enough!!!! :)

Trish said...

and keep on sharing your poetry, thoughts and experiences. I've really enjoyed the "invitation" to share and they are so reflective of what makes your approach unique and something special that is recognized by many of us who know you

Yvette Raposo said...

thank you ladies - my two biggest fans!!!

I really wish I did post more often too! I can't you everything at once though:-))))