Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My NLP Breakthrough

Leading up to the big breakthrough session my big question was: ‘What is my problem?’

I knew that I felt ‘stuck’ in my career and sometimes felt overwhelmed by life but I was not sure exactly how that formulated into a problem.

Well as a student of NLP going in for breakthrough session I was confident that the process would surely unravel my issue exactly as it needed to present itself. And I am happy to report, it did!

During the personal history intake I started to notice my own patterns in life as I was talking about them. Simply being heard with pure intention and absolute attention was enough for me to be ok with talking about myself whereas I usually find myself the one listening. Many times answering the specific questions asked by my practitioner seemed to be the absolute best way of exploring what I was explaining - this really contributed to the flow which allowed for what might not be obvious to me become apparent to my practitioner!

Interestingly, the root of my frustrations came from many years ago and was specific to one incident in my life which I previously thought I had already ‘dealt with’. What was once regarded as a really bad memory is now a really powerful learning lesson. NLP was able to do that for me and I am grateful to have new perspective!

Today I live more freely, without limitation and without fear - possible in the world is possible for me and I now truly believe that.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Now all we need is for you to teach all of us this! When does the course start??!!