Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So I facilitated my first NLP session since finishing my course back in August. The session was set-up as a breakthrough which to make my own I will call from here on a "discoverME" session.
My client was a friend of a friend and she had a problem......well 12 hours later what seemed to have been her problem was now just an idea that she could choose to have or discard of because it was no longer serving her.....this is what NLP could do for you, for us - gives us CHOICE!!!

What I learned as a practitioner was to trust the process, stick with it and provide enough room and space for whatever needs to come up.....also, trust that the client knows what he/she needs and follow that instinct.

Stay tuned for more on the develepmont of the discoverME and a testimonial.
For more questions on how to discoverYOU - email me:-)