Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Clearing Your Clutter

I sat in on a very helpful teleclass last week about clearing out one's clutter. This was led by my NLP teacher who graciously shared this information with us based on a book by Karen Kingston.

If you don't use it or love it - throw it out!!! We need to make space for room to allow abundance to come into our lives. Collecting stuff creates blocks - are you open to receive something new??

Clutter means coagulate - it is stagnated energy - stuck energy. It could be making you tired or preventing you from losing weight!!! Ugh!

What is it?
-anything you do not use or love
-untidy or not organized things
-too many things in too small space/place
-things not finished...includes projects, conversations!

Do you have a relationship with somebody which is creating clutter in your heart, mind or soul!!?? If you are looking for that special someone do you actually and literally have room for them in your space?? Is your closet jammed with stuff or is there room for him or her to hang their coat?

Create space for ideas, abundance and joy to come into your life:-)

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Teena in Toronto said...

I love love love it when I get in a clutter clearing mood. I show no mercy! And it feels amazing afterwards!