Friday, October 2, 2009

Boxing with a Meditation Induction

Week 2 of the HIT Parade....this time, I added a little bonus meditation at the end of both classes. This was the first week of back-to-back classes and both were full!

It is always interesting when teaching groups how the energy is shared among participants and this time I decided to bring attention to it. From my experience, most people have maybe heard of meditation but never really tried it or if they have, had become very frustrated by it quickly. Meditation comes in many different forms and different people meditate for different reasons. During my competitive years before I understood or experienced the world of trance or unconscious exploration, I now know that the visualization techniques that came naturally to me were a form of meditation......

Another amazing realization I made over the years as both an instructor of groups and participant of many workshops and seminars, is that every group or collection of people is unique in itself - there is no or never any replication of the collective energy gathered at any one time since all that each person has to offer on that day, with those circumstances at that place, in those moments is exactly what it needs to be, because it is!!

So I decided to anchor this with the group after pounding and slugging it out on the bags, sweaty bodies lay sprawled out on the the exercise matts: an ideal time to request that each and every brave soldier that evening stay open to receive the guided suggestion to RELAX and IMAGINE:

"Absorb the floor, let the body be heavy and the mind open...remember a time or moment in class which triggered a positive feeling, or thought or idea and go back there....relive it, pay attention to it and put a word to it.....moving forward into the future, know that this word/feeling/resource is available always, anytime and anywhere!"

It is the power of our minds where great ideas begin and positive feelings are possible.....the body is designed to follow and will respond happily and healthily:-)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tale of the Tape

The HITTERS were out in full force this beautiful Fall seemed there was nothing that could stop this group from attending the first Boxing Class of it's kind held at the Kingsway Boxing Club. There was plenty of excitement and even a slight hint of nervousness in the air in anticipation of what was about to unfold. A good mix: some beginner's with a few veteran HITTERS, 7 female and 3 males. But gender nor fitness level matters here - in fact, park your ego at the door because you are about to be humbled, regardless!!!

The studio itself sits very welcoming atop a car wash...the kind of place one has to hunt a little to find the sign or the door to finally enter for your chance to do it old skool.....train like a boxer and feel like a champ. Everybody here on this Wednesday evening is already a champ in my books as we wrap hands to the sound of Tupac's " Me Against tha World". Warm-up begins and already any lingering layer of doubt peels easily as the bodies in the room start to move as instructed. Blood begins to pump as is immediately a collective effort in the room as heart rates rise together producing a noticeable increase in temperature.

Heavy bags hang ready. The sound is unmistakable--leather on leather, an assault of punches ensues from the eager bunch, like an automatic machine gun spitting out bullets going in for the kill.Now, it becomes personal as each HITTER begins to fine-tune and modify their punches. Repetition is key in forming the correct punch-the one that connects and snaps and SMACKS!!! One by one, more and more now the connection is being made and there is a sense of pride and exhilaration all around until finally the last round recruits every drop of energy available to even the most experienced HITTER.

Seconds out, until the next round. Until next week when we do it all over again, same time / same place:-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Does it all Mean?

What does it all mean when I have a dream?
One that requires every bit of steam....body....mind....soul

Why does it have to be, I am driven exponentially when it comes to my sport
A passion I could never abort, an affair sprung from innocence, the ring and the ropes - they are my PRINCE

Where do I turn, How far do I go?
The game ain't the same when I become PRO!
But I've no other choice so tells my inside voice. Deep inside I have inspected, by my gut feeling I must be directed.

If I pay close attention, ain't no denying, the love for my sport

So what does it all mean when I have a DREAM?

Damn it all and GO THE EXTREME.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

INFO for Boxing Classes starting Wed Sept 23!

Now is the time and the place + space could not be more perfect for the journey I am about to embark on. These are boxing classes that I will be teaching starting Wed Sept 23rd.

This invitation is open to ANYBODY looking to add to their already existing fitness routine or wanting to start getting in shape and feeling better. All levels of fitness are welcome....although the class is a group setting, your learning and progress is totally individual and there is plenty of room to take your game to the next level week by week. Class includes a warm-up, technique drills and demonstrations, practising combinations on the heavy bag with a partner, abdominal work + a cooldown. This is not an aerobics box-fit session - it is a BOXING class where you learn the sport and HIT while you get FIT!

WARNING - hitting may become addictive and it may just change your LIFE!

Where: Kingsway Boxing Club , 3005 Bloor St West @ Royal York ,2nd Floor
When: Wednesday evenings @ 6:30 or 7:30 pm
What: 1 Hour boxing class (max 8 ppl per class)
Why: To hit something seriously and to have some serious fun doing it!
How: send me an email for more inquiries + to reserve your spot

Price: $18 + gst / class with a package of 5 consecutive classes = $94.50

  • Gloves are available to borrow but you will want your own wraps (goes under the glove) for $10 and might want to purchase your own gloves which I sell as well.
  • Spots are limited and filling quickly
  • Drop-in rates are available as long as space is open.

Seconds Out!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rumble at Riverdale

Well, I asked for it! This past Tuesday was my date with was only a matter of time again before I slipped on the headgear and slapped on the sparring gloves for another round. It has been years since I faced any opponent in the squared circle and this time around the nervousness felt no different than before. It was that same familiar feeling of elation and gut wrenching wonder at what could possibly happen in there. The nostalgia of wrapping my hands and the sound of the rope skipping was enough to make me puke in anticipation.  The tale of the tape? Well, my opponent is bigger and stronger + no doubt faster than me. As I look across the makeshift ring, his physical  appearance resembles that of the mountain I am about to climb....suddenly all that smack talk becomes very real and there is no turning back from this challenge and definately no turning my back to him: his presence presses and pushes everything I've learned up to this point about my craft.
It is our first encounter. Sebastien graciously accepts my offer to touch gloves. Our initial exchange of punches reminds me of a t.v. antenna searching for a signal.....sending out the vibration to callobrate the demand of energy input. I try not to be overwhelmed.

The next 4 rounds at 2 minutes each provide the entertainment of the morning for the onlookers at the gym. The 'ringside' audience making the effort to attend really enforces the importance of this encounter: that boxing IS still alive. It is a sport that draws attention for a reason!!

Sebastien moves with me, he works with me and challenges me like the true professional that he is. There is no mercy on me just because I am a girl and yet his manhood remains completely in tact with his impressive display of respect, skill and obvious understanding of the sport I love so much.

There is new life in me and it lingers.....beyond the bout, after the soreness settles, I have found a passion again within which lay dormant for too long. I am grateful to Riverdale Fitness and all the people within who make this possible every day....for those who fight the good fight and for those who just show up to take part and share in this awesome energy called life!!

Until next time, seconds out;-)

Friday, August 14, 2009

a conversation with spark

The other day a very special member at the gym approached me and sparked a conversation. If you don't already know this about me: I love a good conversation which probes and questions life's biggies. The topic revolved around a mental block affecting physical performance in the gym. What I was observing and what became clear to me was the importance in this case to merge the head with the heart. So my suggestion was to live in the heart (the body) a bit more during times of performance and in fact lead from the heart in the heat of the moment!! Otherwise called instinct or being associated!! I look forward to learning about the next sparring session....thanks for sharing;-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fit2Play in the park

So, I had a group session out in the park close to my place last night for a taste of the fresh air while breathing in heavy from all the hard work called exercise. I hesitate to call this a Bootcamp because really it is a few friends getting together (including mamma Raposo - she is so cute) under my guidance to execute a series of moves that we will call a circuit with a few tools which we could refer to as toys for the purpose of getting in shape!!....hence the name: Fit2Play:-)

I was so excited to be a part of the dynamics of this group of wonderful women who happened to work their butts so damn hard!!! It was amazing to witness the collective energy generated through pure joy, sharing and physical activity - they were having fun, they were teasing and giggling and sweating and all the while just playing. It occured to me that all these ladies needed or wanted was a safe and secure place to express themselves and feel free to just be - without judgement or expectation. They were exactly perfect as they needed to be in those moments of just letting go and i am so proud of them for that! And I will be proud once again next Monday when we do it all over!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

count my blessings....

It occurs to me on a daily basis how blessed i am to absolutely love what i do!! I don't consider my position as a Personal Trainer a job or a vocation or a trade although it certainly requires plenty of qualification, knowledge and experience (+ so much more) to be a good Trainer. Instead, I regard myself as a person of influence with absolute positive intention - the opportunity that people allow me every day to have effect on their lives is truly a priviledge. This means more to me than a job, it is a gift, one that I accept with grace and integrity and one that I devote my attention to for the purpose of growing and learning and continuously teaching!! Thank you for those of you who have been sharing this journey with me (you all know who you are:-)) and thank you to those who are open and ready and willing.....

"Commitment isn't something that just happens by chance.
Commitment is a capacity, and it grows as a muscle grows, by being exercised."
-Charlotte Beck

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the meaning of it all....

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”
-William James

“If you perceive it, you will believe it – if you believe it then you can achieve it!”

· What do you want?
· Do you believe that it is possible?
· Are you capable and where will you find the resources?
What is the difference that makes the difference!!??

The chance of your success in achieving what you want is driven mostly by the beliefs you have surrounding the capabilities and resources within you. If it is possible in the world then it IS possible for you too! Our limitations are mostly self-imposed and derived from societal views and expectations, past experiences, archaic rules, culture, upbringing and toxic ideas or delusional understandings of what is possible!!! The choice that we have begins in our mind as a way of thinking which will dictate an attitude or a willingness for change. The meaning we place on a thing or idea will reflect our internal representation of what is significant to us based on purpose, intention, value, inspiration, passion and beliefs. This creates our reality or, we get what we focus on.
What we hold in our mind or our state of mind translates into performance or action, behavior, skills, activities and experiences. So if you think ‘it’, chances are ‘it’ IS!!

Beliefs / thinking ---- Attitude --- Behavior ---- Performance

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



NLP done for ME?

What NLP has done for me? It is apparent that NLP has restored and rejuvenated a resource within me which I treasure so much - ENERGY! As a Personal Trainer by trade, I take my position very seriously, sometimes, pre-NLP days, to a fault. Now on my way towards the Master's level, I marvel at the power that I have been introduced to within myself which was always present but only exposed and been recruited since Day 1 of NLP, literally. I specifically recall that day because it was the day that I realized that this was not just another motivational seminar, please pass me my pom-pom's so I could rah-rah-rah! NO, this was life-changing stuff and it was clear to me that I wanted to be a part of it. I had the incredible urge to finally surrender much of the information that I had absorbed over the years especially during the 'soul - searching' years to make room for this real and exciting information. So I did, and I grew and am still growing.

Personally, NLP has renewed my energy by clearing the fog in my head. The techniques used in class were very effective in blowing away many limiting beliefs I had accumulated over the years. One of the most powerful realizations I made was that ‘possible in the world is possible for me’ and ‘people are doing their best with the resources they have available’. Well, NLP has provided me with the information, perspective and motivation which was all that I needed to begin to have the life that I truly want. Most importantly, I have recognized the life that I truly want and not according to external influences and prejudices ,which has been empowering beyond belief! I am so excited about life now that it really brings tears to my eyes and the best part is that I absolutely deserve all the happiness I want and have. My relationships have immensely improved with my new communication skills and awareness. Family and friends are responding to my new appreciation for them - they are commenting on the difference pre-NLP days and post. In fact, they are curious about what it’s all about.

The communication model impressed me so much that I decided to plan and prepare a seminar for my friends, family and clients to share the wonderful news and views about what it can do for them to improve their lives. It was a hit - two dates, two seminars and 40 pairs of eyes and ears eager to absorb! That was the catalyst to my career in speaking, facilitating, leading, teaching and changing people’s lives - groups at a time! Naturally all of my personal developments have spilled over into my professional life.
I am much more than a Personal Trainer now and in fact, I am being sought out specifically for my new NLP skills.The options are absolutely endless, but my energy is not and THAT is the difference that MAKES the difference!

Friday, April 10, 2009

There are so many wonderful aspects of NLP that it is difficult to even give it justice without experiencing it first. To get the most from NLP it is important to be willing and open. With this being stated, sometimes the most welcome change and biggest impact in our lives comes from our own resistance or fear of new ideas or concepts.

Pay attention to what it is you resist the most and that right there is your homework

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walk 2 B Fit

Opportunity can show itself in different forms and it is ultimately up to us to recognize them for what they are. This may not be possible until we give opportunity a chance however and sometimes that means stepping out of the box.

I am grateful for having taken that leap of faith when an old friend of mine (from high school) presented me with the idea of facilitating a walking program for the purpose of bringing fitness to the company, on-site. My resistance initially was an example of my fear of stepping outside the box, perhaps risking a lot of the comfort that I have built up after so many years of training people in the gym. Well, the Walk 2 B Fit @ Lunch Program that came as a result of our initial conversation is in full swing and of course it started with only one step.

Walking is such a fantastic option for exercise on so many levels. I am really enjoying this experience as I learn about integrating and implementing form and challenge to something that we may take for granted as an unconscious act of necessity.

Walk your way to Health, it only begins with one step.....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

create action

As a boxer facing an opponent, there is a move commonly used called the feint. According to Webster this is 'a mock attack meant to deceive an opponent'. This move could be as slight as shrugging the shoulder with the intention of drawing a reaction from your counterpart which creates an opening or opportunity for the intended followup attack.
Theory in the ring is: for every action there is a reaction. Sometimes it is by reflex that a boxer would naturally defend a feint with his/her own punch but it is the well trained and focused fighter who will anticipate that not every movement is what it seems at first. It is like the patient batter on a 3-2 count who would rather take the pitch than swing on a tricky knuckleball. As an athlete, as soon as one gives into the feint, the trick pitch, the side step, the pivot or the fake pass then he/she is playing .on the defense.
Lesson to be learned is, don't just react to every feint that life has to offer.
Instead, we have the mental ability to create our own response to what may seem like a challenging or surprising life situation. This is the beauty of our mind if we so choose to believe in the power of our own conscious thought.
Choice is ours: react and play on the defense or create and decide our own outcome. Sometimes this means doing/saying nothing at all!
Stick to the game plan and we will be rewarded:-)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Much?

What is enough exercise for the body to shift into shape? Stimulation happens inside the gym - results come from what we do (or don't do) otherwise : sleep, nutrition, rest, time for recuperation and overcompensation. Remember, we are literally tearing muscle tissue as we diligently execute those strength inducing lifts in the gym.
But then what??
Recovery is key so that next workout you are in fact stronger.
Think about digging a hole: the deeper you dig that hole, more resources are needed to fill that hole back up and then some, before you can go digging again. Your body only has a finite amount of recovery resources designated for workout A, before you start ripping, tearing and slashing precious muscle tissue again!!!!

It's not how much exercise the body can handle, it is how little it requires to make that shift into shape - then, rest, eat well, sleep tight and GROW happily ever after:-)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

the consequence of getting in shape...

Have you ever heard the saying “shape up or ship out”?
My interpretation of it actually is “Shape up AND Ship out”!!!

One of the many struggles or obstacles we may encounter throughout our journey to a more physically fit body is resistance from others. At first, there is no threat in you stating to friends and family “I am on a diet”, “I am joining a gym” or “I hired a trainer”. They may or may not take you seriously and they may or may not wish you success. This is subtle however, because you figure that by taking care of yourself and respecting your body it is a reflection of appreciation for health and life, including all those around you. What may not be apparent at first however , is the threat you will become to other people’s ideas about themselves. Changing the shape of your body is an obvious demonstration of willpower, dedication and self-respect, it is something most of us strive to do once in our lives or at least it starts as a thought at one point .
With time, your visits to the gym and eating mindfully are starting to show through your waistline. People around you are starting to notice that you look lighter, your clothes are fitting more loosely and you’re even walking taller. This is where the resistance begins.

For example, it is regular Tuesday beer and wing night at the pub and you order soda water and salad. In fact, not only would beer and wings interfere with your new way of eating but you really are looking forward to that salad. Or, it is your best friend’s birthday party and you gracefully decline Aunt Sheila’s double- chocolate- decker cake with really no intention of offending her. How about when you crack open your Tupperware at the office instead of reaching for the bagels and danishes? This may start to cause a stir in your social life as you initiate and maintain different behavior patterns then what your friends, family or colleagues are used to and were comfortable with. Resistance may come in the form of snide comments and leering looks or even doubt that what you are doing is ‘healthy’!

Stay focused on your goals and how good you are feeling. Pay attention to the reactions you are receiving and you may even notice that people around you start to act differently- more positively. They may start asking questions, inquiring about what you are doing and how, seeking out different gyms, talking about protein powder and the latest research on vitamins!! Remember, people are shy and sometimes insecure about fitness – it is such an overwhelming idea and hard to even know where to begin. Well, it begins with YOU!!! Your desires, intentions and action becomes other people’s hope.

As for the leerers and sneerers, they’ll come around….maybe…..maybe not… is their choice….
You Shape up and They Ship OUT!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love myself therefore I can;

see clearly, hear perfectly, feel freely, touch gracefully, speak confidantly, love wholly, dream big, deserve everything, accept proudly, change willingly, learn humbly, teach gleefully, forgive truly and totally, let go easily, move on excitedly, accept knowingly, share continuously, live with integrity and just BE consistently ME!!

What can you do by loving yourself?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Thank You for checking my blog and thank you for your interest in my workshop.
I was extremely excited about putting this information together to share with you however, under certain circumstances it is best that I postpone the date a few months:-((

This is a busy time in the fitness industry with New Years resolutions plus I am looking ahead to the big move into my new condo for March!

I will keep you posted on future workshops. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.