Thursday, February 19, 2009

create action

As a boxer facing an opponent, there is a move commonly used called the feint. According to Webster this is 'a mock attack meant to deceive an opponent'. This move could be as slight as shrugging the shoulder with the intention of drawing a reaction from your counterpart which creates an opening or opportunity for the intended followup attack.
Theory in the ring is: for every action there is a reaction. Sometimes it is by reflex that a boxer would naturally defend a feint with his/her own punch but it is the well trained and focused fighter who will anticipate that not every movement is what it seems at first. It is like the patient batter on a 3-2 count who would rather take the pitch than swing on a tricky knuckleball. As an athlete, as soon as one gives into the feint, the trick pitch, the side step, the pivot or the fake pass then he/she is playing .on the defense.
Lesson to be learned is, don't just react to every feint that life has to offer.
Instead, we have the mental ability to create our own response to what may seem like a challenging or surprising life situation. This is the beauty of our mind if we so choose to believe in the power of our own conscious thought.
Choice is ours: react and play on the defense or create and decide our own outcome. Sometimes this means doing/saying nothing at all!
Stick to the game plan and we will be rewarded:-)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Much?

What is enough exercise for the body to shift into shape? Stimulation happens inside the gym - results come from what we do (or don't do) otherwise : sleep, nutrition, rest, time for recuperation and overcompensation. Remember, we are literally tearing muscle tissue as we diligently execute those strength inducing lifts in the gym.
But then what??
Recovery is key so that next workout you are in fact stronger.
Think about digging a hole: the deeper you dig that hole, more resources are needed to fill that hole back up and then some, before you can go digging again. Your body only has a finite amount of recovery resources designated for workout A, before you start ripping, tearing and slashing precious muscle tissue again!!!!

It's not how much exercise the body can handle, it is how little it requires to make that shift into shape - then, rest, eat well, sleep tight and GROW happily ever after:-)