Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NLP done for ME?

What NLP has done for me? It is apparent that NLP has restored and rejuvenated a resource within me which I treasure so much - ENERGY! As a Personal Trainer by trade, I take my position very seriously, sometimes, pre-NLP days, to a fault. Now on my way towards the Master's level, I marvel at the power that I have been introduced to within myself which was always present but only exposed and been recruited since Day 1 of NLP, literally. I specifically recall that day because it was the day that I realized that this was not just another motivational seminar, please pass me my pom-pom's so I could rah-rah-rah! NO, this was life-changing stuff and it was clear to me that I wanted to be a part of it. I had the incredible urge to finally surrender much of the information that I had absorbed over the years especially during the 'soul - searching' years to make room for this real and exciting information. So I did, and I grew and am still growing.

Personally, NLP has renewed my energy by clearing the fog in my head. The techniques used in class were very effective in blowing away many limiting beliefs I had accumulated over the years. One of the most powerful realizations I made was that ‘possible in the world is possible for me’ and ‘people are doing their best with the resources they have available’. Well, NLP has provided me with the information, perspective and motivation which was all that I needed to begin to have the life that I truly want. Most importantly, I have recognized the life that I truly want and not according to external influences and prejudices ,which has been empowering beyond belief! I am so excited about life now that it really brings tears to my eyes and the best part is that I absolutely deserve all the happiness I want and have. My relationships have immensely improved with my new communication skills and awareness. Family and friends are responding to my new appreciation for them - they are commenting on the difference pre-NLP days and post. In fact, they are curious about what it’s all about.

The communication model impressed me so much that I decided to plan and prepare a seminar for my friends, family and clients to share the wonderful news and views about what it can do for them to improve their lives. It was a hit - two dates, two seminars and 40 pairs of eyes and ears eager to absorb! That was the catalyst to my career in speaking, facilitating, leading, teaching and changing people’s lives - groups at a time! Naturally all of my personal developments have spilled over into my professional life.
I am much more than a Personal Trainer now and in fact, I am being sought out specifically for my new NLP skills.The options are absolutely endless, but my energy is not and THAT is the difference that MAKES the difference!

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