Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fit2Play in the park

So, I had a group session out in the park close to my place last night for a taste of the fresh air while breathing in heavy from all the hard work called exercise. I hesitate to call this a Bootcamp because really it is a few friends getting together (including mamma Raposo - she is so cute) under my guidance to execute a series of moves that we will call a circuit with a few tools which we could refer to as toys for the purpose of getting in shape!!....hence the name: Fit2Play:-)

I was so excited to be a part of the dynamics of this group of wonderful women who happened to work their butts so damn hard!!! It was amazing to witness the collective energy generated through pure joy, sharing and physical activity - they were having fun, they were teasing and giggling and sweating and all the while just playing. It occured to me that all these ladies needed or wanted was a safe and secure place to express themselves and feel free to just be - without judgement or expectation. They were exactly perfect as they needed to be in those moments of just letting go and i am so proud of them for that! And I will be proud once again next Monday when we do it all over!!!

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