Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tale of the Tape

The HITTERS were out in full force this beautiful Fall seemed there was nothing that could stop this group from attending the first Boxing Class of it's kind held at the Kingsway Boxing Club. There was plenty of excitement and even a slight hint of nervousness in the air in anticipation of what was about to unfold. A good mix: some beginner's with a few veteran HITTERS, 7 female and 3 males. But gender nor fitness level matters here - in fact, park your ego at the door because you are about to be humbled, regardless!!!

The studio itself sits very welcoming atop a car wash...the kind of place one has to hunt a little to find the sign or the door to finally enter for your chance to do it old skool.....train like a boxer and feel like a champ. Everybody here on this Wednesday evening is already a champ in my books as we wrap hands to the sound of Tupac's " Me Against tha World". Warm-up begins and already any lingering layer of doubt peels easily as the bodies in the room start to move as instructed. Blood begins to pump as is immediately a collective effort in the room as heart rates rise together producing a noticeable increase in temperature.

Heavy bags hang ready. The sound is unmistakable--leather on leather, an assault of punches ensues from the eager bunch, like an automatic machine gun spitting out bullets going in for the kill.Now, it becomes personal as each HITTER begins to fine-tune and modify their punches. Repetition is key in forming the correct punch-the one that connects and snaps and SMACKS!!! One by one, more and more now the connection is being made and there is a sense of pride and exhilaration all around until finally the last round recruits every drop of energy available to even the most experienced HITTER.

Seconds out, until the next round. Until next week when we do it all over again, same time / same place:-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Does it all Mean?

What does it all mean when I have a dream?
One that requires every bit of steam....body....mind....soul

Why does it have to be, I am driven exponentially when it comes to my sport
A passion I could never abort, an affair sprung from innocence, the ring and the ropes - they are my PRINCE

Where do I turn, How far do I go?
The game ain't the same when I become PRO!
But I've no other choice so tells my inside voice. Deep inside I have inspected, by my gut feeling I must be directed.

If I pay close attention, ain't no denying, the love for my sport

So what does it all mean when I have a DREAM?

Damn it all and GO THE EXTREME.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

INFO for Boxing Classes starting Wed Sept 23!

Now is the time and the place + space could not be more perfect for the journey I am about to embark on. These are boxing classes that I will be teaching starting Wed Sept 23rd.

This invitation is open to ANYBODY looking to add to their already existing fitness routine or wanting to start getting in shape and feeling better. All levels of fitness are welcome....although the class is a group setting, your learning and progress is totally individual and there is plenty of room to take your game to the next level week by week. Class includes a warm-up, technique drills and demonstrations, practising combinations on the heavy bag with a partner, abdominal work + a cooldown. This is not an aerobics box-fit session - it is a BOXING class where you learn the sport and HIT while you get FIT!

WARNING - hitting may become addictive and it may just change your LIFE!

Where: Kingsway Boxing Club , 3005 Bloor St West @ Royal York ,2nd Floor
When: Wednesday evenings @ 6:30 or 7:30 pm
What: 1 Hour boxing class (max 8 ppl per class)
Why: To hit something seriously and to have some serious fun doing it!
How: send me an email for more inquiries + to reserve your spot

Price: $18 + gst / class with a package of 5 consecutive classes = $94.50

  • Gloves are available to borrow but you will want your own wraps (goes under the glove) for $10 and might want to purchase your own gloves which I sell as well.
  • Spots are limited and filling quickly
  • Drop-in rates are available as long as space is open.

Seconds Out!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rumble at Riverdale

Well, I asked for it! This past Tuesday was my date with was only a matter of time again before I slipped on the headgear and slapped on the sparring gloves for another round. It has been years since I faced any opponent in the squared circle and this time around the nervousness felt no different than before. It was that same familiar feeling of elation and gut wrenching wonder at what could possibly happen in there. The nostalgia of wrapping my hands and the sound of the rope skipping was enough to make me puke in anticipation.  The tale of the tape? Well, my opponent is bigger and stronger + no doubt faster than me. As I look across the makeshift ring, his physical  appearance resembles that of the mountain I am about to climb....suddenly all that smack talk becomes very real and there is no turning back from this challenge and definately no turning my back to him: his presence presses and pushes everything I've learned up to this point about my craft.
It is our first encounter. Sebastien graciously accepts my offer to touch gloves. Our initial exchange of punches reminds me of a t.v. antenna searching for a signal.....sending out the vibration to callobrate the demand of energy input. I try not to be overwhelmed.

The next 4 rounds at 2 minutes each provide the entertainment of the morning for the onlookers at the gym. The 'ringside' audience making the effort to attend really enforces the importance of this encounter: that boxing IS still alive. It is a sport that draws attention for a reason!!

Sebastien moves with me, he works with me and challenges me like the true professional that he is. There is no mercy on me just because I am a girl and yet his manhood remains completely in tact with his impressive display of respect, skill and obvious understanding of the sport I love so much.

There is new life in me and it lingers.....beyond the bout, after the soreness settles, I have found a passion again within which lay dormant for too long. I am grateful to Riverdale Fitness and all the people within who make this possible every day....for those who fight the good fight and for those who just show up to take part and share in this awesome energy called life!!

Until next time, seconds out;-)