Friday, October 2, 2009

Boxing with a Meditation Induction

Week 2 of the HIT Parade....this time, I added a little bonus meditation at the end of both classes. This was the first week of back-to-back classes and both were full!

It is always interesting when teaching groups how the energy is shared among participants and this time I decided to bring attention to it. From my experience, most people have maybe heard of meditation but never really tried it or if they have, had become very frustrated by it quickly. Meditation comes in many different forms and different people meditate for different reasons. During my competitive years before I understood or experienced the world of trance or unconscious exploration, I now know that the visualization techniques that came naturally to me were a form of meditation......

Another amazing realization I made over the years as both an instructor of groups and participant of many workshops and seminars, is that every group or collection of people is unique in itself - there is no or never any replication of the collective energy gathered at any one time since all that each person has to offer on that day, with those circumstances at that place, in those moments is exactly what it needs to be, because it is!!

So I decided to anchor this with the group after pounding and slugging it out on the bags, sweaty bodies lay sprawled out on the the exercise matts: an ideal time to request that each and every brave soldier that evening stay open to receive the guided suggestion to RELAX and IMAGINE:

"Absorb the floor, let the body be heavy and the mind open...remember a time or moment in class which triggered a positive feeling, or thought or idea and go back there....relive it, pay attention to it and put a word to it.....moving forward into the future, know that this word/feeling/resource is available always, anytime and anywhere!"

It is the power of our minds where great ideas begin and positive feelings are possible.....the body is designed to follow and will respond happily and healthily:-)

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Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like an awesome class ... I'll check it out soon.