Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why Cleanse???

So you are feeling the need for a cleanse??
Want to feel lighter and tighter, lean + clean???

Well then, read on: I have been personally using Isagenix products since 2005 and still am reaping the health benefits every time!!! Over the years, people would ask me where I get my energy from or how I have managed to stay lean. Being a Personal Trainer for 12 years has really taught me a whole bunch about people and their relationships with their bodies. A great compliment to working out is always a clean and realistic meal plan....sometimes though we all need a little boost.....for a lot of us, that boost needs to be bigger than just a little, it needs to be life-altering!!!

This is where cleansing comes what's it all about?

- 9 days
- no starving, no explosive bowels and no funky concoctions!
-Yes you can exercise while on the plan....recommended 20 minutes of sweating as you feel like it, total personal choice
-All the product you need comes to your doorstep not including 5 lunches you make (or buy takeout) on your own.....these meals are preferably, turkey/chicken/tofu/fish with veggies and a grain if necessary.
- I will be your Personal Support Coach to get you through any tough/rough spots during the 9 days or if any questions/concerns come up.
-I will be available by phone or email

- high quality protein shake to help support muscle mass and keep feeling fuller for longer
- FAT likes to hang on to the toxins in our body so when we flood our cells with these essential MINERALS and VITAMINS then the toxins + fat is simply released!!
-there is no stretch of time longer than 2.5 hours where you go without consuming something
-the schedule is detailed and very easy to follow and you can carry a full days worth of cleanse to get you through a full day-you will acquire a new way of eating with the discipline you develop over the 9 NO, you don't have to gain any weight back;-)))

I have witnessed and heard many accounts of success with this cleanse including:

-clearer skin
-kicking a really bad salt habit ( still one year later)
-quitting coffee for good!!!
-cutting back on portion sizes in general-totally eradicating PMS symptoms and improving mood
-and the MOST COMMON and CONSISTENT results from person to person has been FAT LOSS, REDUCING INCHES and MORE ENERGY!!!

To get started: The years that I have been using this product, I have been sharing it with my friends and family on my own has become so popular that I decided to sign people up with their own account so that they have continued access to the products. Although this happens to be a Multi Level Marketing company, this is not the way I make money, it just happens to be one way I like to share a wonderful gift of health. In fact, the amount of time I dedicate to coach and educate far surpasses any monetary compensation. Chances are anyways, that after trying it for the first time, you will want to do more than one cleanse in the year to come + people all around you WILL be asking "WOW, what are u doing, tell me more and how do I do it!!??"

Your initial membership will cost $20 for the year and the cleanse is $130 + shipping and taxes. Keep in mind that you are spending very minimal $$$ during the 9 days and the vitality you gain is well worth the investment. Also, your financial commitment will surely motivate your success:-)))

Call me or email to get started soon....pick your 9 days and maybe find a buddy to make it more fun...That time of year is upon us when the parties start to pile up and the pounds start to pack on...take control this Holiday Season and beat your urges. Get ready to move into a new way of feeling, thinking and being!!!!


Your Personal Cleansing Coach Yvette
416 877 0849

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rome or Robot?

There is something about the month of September which sparks human motivation even more I find than the January resolution rush. Perhaps it is the slight crisp in the air or is it the idea that school is starting and we feel the need to be focused on some project?

Let's take the project of setting a goal. Over the last few years I have paid particular attention to the importance of setting goals with my clients, which are reasonable, realistic, attainable and measurable. The fitness and diet industry is loaded with proclaimed new ideas and products which for many people such as your self could feel overwhelmed by. Just visit your local Chapters or library for example and check out the fitness section; where do you begin and what works best for you? Instead of searching for THE solution to your fitness/weight management/health goals, how about just starting with checking in. Take in the information and do your research but also check in with what exactly is your ideal? For YOU! And then decide what makes sense based on your biology, your schedule, your finances and your willingness to commit then you can formulate THE NEXT BEST STEP.

Take it one step at a time and celebrate every small success. Rome was not built in one day and YOU are not a robot with buttons. You are a feeling, conscious being with the reasoning ability to know that every little bit you do adds up to the bigger picture of health and happiness.
How do you know that you are progressing towards your goal? Write it down!!! Track your steps and check-in weekly with yourself or with a partner and you will be amazed at your results. Whatever happens is something more than you knew before trying anything different….Get it? Got it!? GOOD!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

what do you think?

It amazes sometimes how little we communicate with eachother. Considering that we are a logical, thinking and feeling, reasoning species, it is quite incredulous how more complicated we make things by not expressing ourselves or simply by not asking for what it is that we need. Instead, we leave things, ideas, feelings and actions open to interpretation for others to decide for themselves what it is that you mean. It seems almost too common that what is said is incongruent by what is done which could more often than not lead to disaster in relationships.

What I am most curious about is at what point did we as evolving beings lose touch with what it takes to stay connected with one another so that we understand eachother? Is it something that we never possessed? It is a skill that needs to be developed or taught? Isn't it so much easier and save so much unecessary in between 'stuff' to just speak our piece, clear the bullshit and move on?

So, where does this inability to extend ourselves a bit beyond our communication  comfort zone come from? If we are not sharing or expressing in our relationships then how healthy is the relationship we have with ourselves? How honest are we about what is really best for us? How much are we pretending that everything is ok and to just deal with whatever cards we were dealt? Well, shuffle that stack and give your head a shake because that attitude does not measure up, and you are the first who needs to recognise this. You deserve more than just an existence and the first step of course is to just ask yourself: what is it that I want??? How can you  possibly get the most joy from any relationship in your life while you ignore the one that counts the most - YOURS WITH YOURSELF!!!

Dig deep, speak your mind, pay attention to your feelings, listen to your body, stand out and straighten up.
Assumptions suck and they suck the life out of us--let's just be real and straight up, let's have an opinion, together and hey, maybe that could lead to a discussion.....what a concept!!!! What do you think.......???

Sunday, January 24, 2010

beyond the bag

I have been inspired and lifted lately by what is happening in the boxing room: The HITTers whom I am extremely fortunate to share my knowledge and passion of boxing with, arrive every week, eager to learn and ready for change, growth and challenge. And every week they BRING IT!!! The dynamics of what happens when this group comes together is such an incredible honour to be a part of. I am so grateful to them for holding that space, for going their own pace but willing to go beyond what they EVER thought was possible....They show me every week what is possible...THANK YOU, the fun has just begun:-)