Sunday, February 28, 2010

what do you think?

It amazes sometimes how little we communicate with eachother. Considering that we are a logical, thinking and feeling, reasoning species, it is quite incredulous how more complicated we make things by not expressing ourselves or simply by not asking for what it is that we need. Instead, we leave things, ideas, feelings and actions open to interpretation for others to decide for themselves what it is that you mean. It seems almost too common that what is said is incongruent by what is done which could more often than not lead to disaster in relationships.

What I am most curious about is at what point did we as evolving beings lose touch with what it takes to stay connected with one another so that we understand eachother? Is it something that we never possessed? It is a skill that needs to be developed or taught? Isn't it so much easier and save so much unecessary in between 'stuff' to just speak our piece, clear the bullshit and move on?

So, where does this inability to extend ourselves a bit beyond our communication  comfort zone come from? If we are not sharing or expressing in our relationships then how healthy is the relationship we have with ourselves? How honest are we about what is really best for us? How much are we pretending that everything is ok and to just deal with whatever cards we were dealt? Well, shuffle that stack and give your head a shake because that attitude does not measure up, and you are the first who needs to recognise this. You deserve more than just an existence and the first step of course is to just ask yourself: what is it that I want??? How can you  possibly get the most joy from any relationship in your life while you ignore the one that counts the most - YOURS WITH YOURSELF!!!

Dig deep, speak your mind, pay attention to your feelings, listen to your body, stand out and straighten up.
Assumptions suck and they suck the life out of us--let's just be real and straight up, let's have an opinion, together and hey, maybe that could lead to a discussion.....what a concept!!!! What do you think.......???


Faye said...

I think....i think too much! lol. Great article.

I believe that often times people shy away from speaking their piece based on past results from previous experiences. What we must remember, is that just because it's happened in the past, doesn't necessarily mean that we will get the same result.

We have grown. We have learned. And we have knowledge about ourselves and others that we may have not had at the time.

As we are experiencing a different situation, taking all this knowledge with us, we can expect different results. When we can remain open to expressing ourselves with this knowledge, we may be delighted to see that the result is exactly what we wanted.

Frank Giorno said...

Great Blog Yvette!

With all this communications technology how can so many people be out of touch with themselves?

The city is filled with people who spend most of their time escaping from, rather than communing with whom they are!

Sometimes, many times, it appears that there is a severe disconnect between our physical selves (our body), our mental selves (our mind) and our spiritual selves (our energy and attitudes).

The question you raise is a good one! When did we get this way?

If I may take a crack at answer your first question, I think we got this way when society demands forced us into separating physical labour, from mental efforts and we turned over our spiritual life to so called religious leaders and the end result was a bunch of disoriented people who only used a fraction of who they were and consequently only came to know a fraction of who they were. We thought of as only labourers or thinkers and we looked to outside religious specialists to make us feel better. We need to integrate ourselves so we once again can reclaim our three components into our one unified self!

A follow up question is how do we change this so we can unite the parts of ourselves through self awareness and communications? The answer I think is simpler than most realize and you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on therapy to find the answer. I believe it is undetaking activities that integrate our body, our minds and our spirit by participating in activities that are all at once physically active, mentally challenging and spiritually uplifting.

Any suggestions as to what those activities maybe? It could be a brisk walk, meditation, yoga, jogging, gardening, martial arts, boxing, rock climbing, bicycling, skiing, rollerblading etc.

Thanks for such a thought provoking blog!

Frank Giorno

Yvette Raposo said...

Thanks guys--great feedback!!

Teena in Toronto said...

We all need to communicate if we are stay healthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Learning not to be afraid to live. said...
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Learning not to be afraid to live. said...
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps, it's precisely because of all this communication technology that we are so out of touch with ourselves and with each other. Once upon a time ago there was ample time to sit back and reflect at the end of the day and people actually made time for one another to share life lessons, joked and laughed, talked and genuinely enjoyed and sought out each others company. Sigh. Priorities were indeed different then. Remember when people actually took time to write each other letters? How's that for a blast from the past? Now it's a simple text; a blip on the WiFi. No need to speak, confront, emote or touch. Just hit send and move on. Crazy. I long for the days when we talked with each other and felt so much more then the weariness of not having enough time for the things that really matter.

Love ya, Yvette! Keep talking. It's a beautiful thing :)