Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rome or Robot?

There is something about the month of September which sparks human motivation even more I find than the January resolution rush. Perhaps it is the slight crisp in the air or is it the idea that school is starting and we feel the need to be focused on some project?

Let's take the project of setting a goal. Over the last few years I have paid particular attention to the importance of setting goals with my clients, which are reasonable, realistic, attainable and measurable. The fitness and diet industry is loaded with proclaimed new ideas and products which for many people such as your self could feel overwhelmed by. Just visit your local Chapters or library for example and check out the fitness section; where do you begin and what works best for you? Instead of searching for THE solution to your fitness/weight management/health goals, how about just starting with checking in. Take in the information and do your research but also check in with what exactly is your ideal? For YOU! And then decide what makes sense based on your biology, your schedule, your finances and your willingness to commit then you can formulate THE NEXT BEST STEP.

Take it one step at a time and celebrate every small success. Rome was not built in one day and YOU are not a robot with buttons. You are a feeling, conscious being with the reasoning ability to know that every little bit you do adds up to the bigger picture of health and happiness.
How do you know that you are progressing towards your goal? Write it down!!! Track your steps and check-in weekly with yourself or with a partner and you will be amazed at your results. Whatever happens is something more than you knew before trying anything different….Get it? Got it!? GOOD!