Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trainers Unite

Every year I attend the CanFitPro Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and every year I leave totally inspired and feeling so blessed that what I do is what I LOVE!

The conference includes so many choices of workshops, seminars and demonstrations that range in topics of interest so that the environment includes such a mix of people including: current fitness professionals, business owners, athletes, new mothers, the curious, and those looking to change careers. There is something about this industry which really extracts and attracts the best in all of us as humans with a capacity, a potential: to be the best we can be. And this is a great place to start.

This year, the sessions I attended were; 1)Post-Partum Planning, 2)Developing Your Corporate Appeal, 3) The Business of Personal Training - A Global Perspective and 4) Teaching Your Clients How to HIT and SIT Effectively. It's amazing what happens when a crowd of like minded people gather to discuss and explore deeper a passion which fuels the thirst for more knowledge and opportunity to share. Trainers are a special breed I believe. At times we speak our own language and most times you can pick us out from a crowd: usually sporting lycra or dri fit something, the water bottle + protein shaker cup, the honking stopwatch ready for intervals of sorts and of course the duffel bag or backpack to carry a change of clothes + tupperware of meals to get us through here and there and everywhere:-) Although what might set us apart from one another could be philosophy, education background or style of training, one element of who we are surely remains consistent: passion for what we do!!! It is very rare that you will EVER find somebody take on the role of Personal Trainer just for the money. And if that is the case even just for a short period of time, then that is as far as it gets-short period of time. It soon becomes evident that what seemed like a cool and easy job actually involves a whole other depth of being. Regardless of the actual act of hustling for clients, wacky hours, struggle for work/life balance and costs associated with ongoing education, certifications, insurance, marketing, commuting and no pay for sick leave or travel we still find a way to show up with enthusiasm and intention to motivate and PUMP YOU UP!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Change Room

What happens in the change room of a gym? Well.....changing!!!

The other day after my workout, as usual I grabbed my towel and headed for the lockers. Minding my own business in the shower I can still overhear the familiar sounds of chatter amongst fellow members in the next stalls. Being a gym rat myself for 15 years +, it always amazed me how much personal interaction actually happens before, between or after the workout.

The change room is a place where we meet. It's a place where we bare ourselves, disrobe and expose our bodies. We disclose deepest fears and insecurities. We sit, gather stuff, groom ourselves: we clean, pluck, comb, shave, moisturize, share mirrors.....and we share stories. We share experiences, we get to know one another so we get to know ourselves. Not only do we change our clothes....street clothes to gym clothes back to street clothes....but we change as people, as a community within the community of the change room!!!

So this day was different for me, as I smiled at the ladies who were so engrossed talking about the gossip of that day. For them, that was a crucial time in their day to connect with another person. To discuss something with somebody that perhaps in any other context of their lives would not be looked at as appropriate. It became so obvious in this situation how the purpose of this gym visit was so much more than just a workout.....so many other factors were involved which contributed to the power and the meaning behind what was really happening. The importance of this relationship in the change room was the in-between stuff in life that really made the difference for these two women....make that 3: being witness to it all is enough to also change me!

See you in the change room!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ring of Dreams

The idea for Ring of Dreams has finally surfaced after so many years of envisioning a place and a space to share, explore and cultivate. This happens every week at The Kingsway Boxing Club where  classes take place and people find their pace.

The beginning of my real ring experience was a fascinating journey up the ranks and through the ropes. Stepping into the boxing ring was only one piece of the much more intricate puzzle. The many gestures and decisions leading up to that point of ducking through the ropes were supported by years of training and backed up by those also who believed to achieve. Now that I can look back at such a wonderful career, I wonder: what remains beyond the hard work, the perseverance, the encouragement?

The time in between rounds during a fight is crucial for making necessary adjustments. This can only be truly appreciated out of necessity: sometimes from a place of fear or desperation. It is usually then and there that even a glimmer of hope can surface to be enough to shift the next round.  Possible there, is the difference between just existing and executing with purpose.
I know of such a place.
One that will support your biggest ambitions.
Where 2 points can meet to make sense of one idea, one purpose, where the plan can unfold and becomes real.
There is no right or wrong, just anything you'd ever need to be strong.

"In the Corner" is your opportunity for new perspective: the angle you were looking for.

"In the Corner" is where the action is to support the outcome on canvas....the canvas of life.....where dreams begin.

"In your Corner" is where I'll be.....on your side:-)

See you in the Ring....of dreams!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Learn about that clear space in your mind which you’ll want to visit often by finding that place of peace in your heart

***no past experience necessary…no expectations…permission to allow yourself to be guided by me, simply share the energy and observe the stillness within…pay attention to what arises, the potential…your choice***

WHAT: Guided Meditation
Relaxation through Breath
Writing for Clarity
Sealed by Stretching

WHEN: Mondays from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
starting April 18, $7 @ the door

HOW: RSVP to YVETTE RAPOSO by Facebook or email yvetteraposo@hotmail.com same day confirmation… spots are limited

@ The Centering Space Broadview and Danforth, 59 Cambridge Ave