Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Change Room

What happens in the change room of a gym? Well.....changing!!!

The other day after my workout, as usual I grabbed my towel and headed for the lockers. Minding my own business in the shower I can still overhear the familiar sounds of chatter amongst fellow members in the next stalls. Being a gym rat myself for 15 years +, it always amazed me how much personal interaction actually happens before, between or after the workout.

The change room is a place where we meet. It's a place where we bare ourselves, disrobe and expose our bodies. We disclose deepest fears and insecurities. We sit, gather stuff, groom ourselves: we clean, pluck, comb, shave, moisturize, share mirrors.....and we share stories. We share experiences, we get to know one another so we get to know ourselves. Not only do we change our clothes....street clothes to gym clothes back to street clothes....but we change as people, as a community within the community of the change room!!!

So this day was different for me, as I smiled at the ladies who were so engrossed talking about the gossip of that day. For them, that was a crucial time in their day to connect with another person. To discuss something with somebody that perhaps in any other context of their lives would not be looked at as appropriate. It became so obvious in this situation how the purpose of this gym visit was so much more than just a many other factors were involved which contributed to the power and the meaning behind what was really happening. The importance of this relationship in the change room was the in-between stuff in life that really made the difference for these two women....make that 3: being witness to it all is enough to also change me!

See you in the change room!

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Teena in Toronto said...

It's always a good vibe in the change room!