Monday, November 18, 2013

Exercise tips to get you through the Winter months.

Turning the clock back 1 hr this time of year always seems to have the same impact on people. Most interesting to me as a Personal Trainer with 15 years experience is how every year we forget how much this can affect our mood! So what needs to happen next in order for you to achieve a certain level of exercise which will support your mood and immune system throughout the Winter months?

 I always say: "A workout program is only as good as it is do-able based on 3 major factors; 
Available Time + Energy + Money"

This means let's take a look at what is realistic for you in regards to these 3 factors based on your particular situation right now. Creating an environment that supports our personal need to actually carve out time, and find just enough energy doesn't always have to cost money! 


  • Create your own home program with the only tool required which is free and always available: your body!! (you have one of those correct?) Go online or hire a trainer to help you with correct form and designate a space in your home small enough where you can perform a basic 10 minute circuit which could include push-ups, squats and sit-ups. Be creative and change your idea about what a complete workout needs to be. Use stuff that you have lying around the house . My personal favorite is soup cans that act as hand weights!
  • Don't be hard on yourself if you miss a workout at the gym. Either you will perform your home program instead or tomorrow you will come back to the gym stronger and more motivated due to your rest day
  • Put it in your calender or write yourself a daily note.  Recording your progress means taking responsibility when you can see it written in front of you! This is so powerful for so many people and it's free plus doesn't really take a lot of time or energy.  
  • One thing at a time!! Exercise and diet don't have to be perfect together always, let one lead to the other. For example, your body starts to change and crave nutrition ( food with nutrients in it) naturally once you start moving it initially. Trust your body knows what it needs to continue fueling your motivation. Don't delete anything in your diet yet but instead add one big green salad /day. Just watch and enjoy as this begins to make sense and becomes less of an effort as you reach for that apple instead of that candy bar.
  • What has worked in the past for you? And what was happening at that time in your life that enhanced your success? What can you do, change, delete or add to your life right now that can reflect that time in your life when you had success?
  • Throw out the scale!!! The # on the scale could be so limiting on so many levels. Your weight on the scale is not an accurate measure of what is really happening inside your body and head as you get stronger every day. Stop resisting what is possible without your scale and start celebrating your small successes along the way such as improved energy throughout the day and better quality sleep at night.
  • Interview and hire a trainer that can help you with some goal-setting and personalize a program for you every 2 weeks or 2 months. There are so many different trainers with varying business practices, surely you will find one who specializes in exactly what you need!
So what is the secret to your success? Taking responsibility and recording your progress. I've heard many reasons that people find to NOT have enough time, energy or money because it continues to give them permission to not do anything. It's called resistance, and we've all been there in some form or another. So which program is exactly right for you? The one you are going to DO!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Breathe life into how you move, how boxing could be just what you need right now.

The first introduction most people might have to the sport of boxing is sometimes at a young age in uncle Joe's makeshift sparring ring in his basement, Or, one might have been exposed to the sport unfortunately when Mike Tyson's ear-biting fiasco hit the headlines. Whatever the memory, one can't help but question the audacity of two humans stepping into the ring for the ultimate purpose of hurting each other. Besides it's apparent pugilism, one thing is for sure - boxers are in great shape for a reason: the training!

So what would it be like to train like a boxer and possess the six pack of a boxer without the sentencing to the ring? Frankly, it would be very possible - it IS possible! In fact, all one needs is access to a heavy bag (most gyms these days offer at least one or are open to the suggestion of including one in their facility) a pair of gloves, some instruction and a great big heart! What better way to invigorate an otherwise boring fitness regime then to strap on the leather and hit something that doesn't hit back?

The art of boxing and it's training has become more and more recognized as a great way to get in shape and relieve stress at the same time. It's popularity in local gyms has been fueled over the last 20 years since the rise of respected women in the sport such as Christy Martin who has been known to be a pioneer for women's boxing. Other celebrities such as Queen Latifa and Will Smith have made public claims on the benefits of their training experience with boxing. At the same time, MMA and UFC has received much attention since it's impressive introduction to the masses in the 90's with its' very strong marketing strategy. In my opinion, the institution of MMA has done a really good job at connecting with their fans while continuing to build and inspire people to follow the stories of these athlete's who live for the fight. And this is where I believe boxing is failing to meet the average person who doesn't know where to begin and has not been shown how great they can feel! So I realize the importance of my passion which is to introduce boxing to that person who otherwise would never have tried it. I want to breath life into this activity which continues to change people's lives right in front of my eyes.

  • Improve your cardiovascular output and overall endurance
  • Increase lean muscle tissue 
  • Lose fat! most notably first in your arms, stomach and back
  • Boost your self-confidence and awareness
  • Improve coordination and reflexes 
  • Immediate stress release and increase mental focus
  • Creative outlet with no fixed routine
  • Enhance your quality of sleep
  • Feel a general sense of accomplishment!

With so much passion and love for what I do, I can only succeed with what I have to offer when people are ready to receive. When they are ready, I am willing; one punch, slip, move and step at a time.

Come train like a boxer and feel like a champ today!


Friday, September 13, 2013

One more time

Training for a fight usually meant idle hands during down time, so I expressed myself writing poetry:

...sound of the bell, 
   skip of the rope,
  a trickle of sweat forms atop my forehead as my body temperature rises
         preparing itself for the onslaught of training.
my eyes are fixed as part of mental ritual, I've performed this routine before, many times, 
but somehow it doesn't seem any more easy
the intensity is extreme, each time my limits are tested
    each time one more notch
    every punch one octave higher
ONE MORE TIME my coach demands.
I'm hovered over the last combination I just pounded out
sucking in air like a hoover vacuum, my eyes beg him for mercy
mercy for my aching muscles, my swollen knuckles
he doesn't flinch...I do it ONE MORE TIME.

I step into the ring. My training resembles that of programming a machine.
Wind me up and set me loose, I look across to size her up but I don't seek out her eyes, not until hers find mine to plead for mercy.

...sound of the bell,
my steps are ginger, punches precise, breathing steady
a trickle of sweat forms atop my forehead as my body temperature rises
preparing itself for the onslaught 
I'm about to feed her.

My body is my arsenal:
my feet follow my legs follow my hips follow my waist follow my shoulders follow my fists follow my eyes which are my binoculars, focused on her every move
my hands spit out bullets but it is my heart which never lets me down when it is engorged with plenty.
                            She is hovered over the last combination I just pounded out
her eyes fine mine, pleading for mercy
mercy for her rocky ride, her deflated pride
I don't flinch, I do it ONE MORE TIME.

Yvette Raposo, 2003

What feeling do you want to anchor?

And when you get there, how will you know? 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

what's an Holistic Personal Trainer?

There is a reason it has taken me 15 years to develop and commit to a website explaining who I am and what I have to offer. As I am now in the process of putting that information together, I am reminded of WHY this has taken me so long. Theses days, it seems too easy to simply create ourselves online especially with the forces of social media shaping how we market ourselves or the service or product we are offering.

I am no marketing professional nor am I all that technically computer savvy BUT I AM a consumer and an entrepreneur who still believes in integrity. This simply means that what I have to offer aligns with who I am: a Holistic Personal Trainer!

Way too often people approach me with 'their' ideas of what fitness is: fitting into jeans from 5 years ago, looking like that person in the magazine, or getting caught up in the latest fitness fad to hit the market.  Usually we both soon find out that actually these ideas which might have started out as superficial becomes more of a process and a personality. With the right guidance and encouragement, we can actually formulate a program which makes sense for my clients body to enhance their chances of success and sustainability.

However, the ultimate culprit in skewing people's cranium in my opinion is reality TV. Remember, fitness is a business and they are selling you the recipe for failure so that you can keep coming back! TV is selling you a story. Do you really think these lose fat programs are realistic? Ideal? Do you really want to be exercised and exploited so extremely all in the name of 'health'? And what exactly would that do for you when you are left skinny but torn and directionless once the curtains are closed? We see before and after pictures but do we ever stop to ask what really transpired? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is such a thing as photo shop, airbrushing and an amazing array of supplements and drugs that can make any body grow, cut, curve, shred, lean and fill. This is the part they don't share with you, the real truth and nothing but the truth.

 Call me cynical or call me out on my opinion but I truly don't believe that it is necessary nor safe to drag peoples bodies through a routine just because it makes them sweat. In fact I refuse to do it. I do believe in educating, inspiring and recruiting the best from my client, leaving them feeling pumped and motivated for the next workout!

This brings me back to my website. I realize that I have come full circle, from a time when working out meant pumping iron, being strong and having pride in the package you were given!! There were no molds to fit into or boxes to check off. I have experimented and played with many variations of exercises which always keeps things interesting. But it's not so important to always mix things up just because we live in a very attention deficient society. We are already bombarded and distracted with so much information and over stressed as it is, does your workout really have to add to all of that confusion?

Try this: full range of movement fundamental exercises at a slow pace with the purpose of extracting exactly all that your muscles have to give, and then leave! Leave the, recover, enjoy your life and come back stronger, every time, I promise:-)

Stay tuned, website to follow....