Saturday, June 1, 2013

what's an Holistic Personal Trainer?

There is a reason it has taken me 15 years to develop and commit to a website explaining who I am and what I have to offer. As I am now in the process of putting that information together, I am reminded of WHY this has taken me so long. Theses days, it seems too easy to simply create ourselves online especially with the forces of social media shaping how we market ourselves or the service or product we are offering.

I am no marketing professional nor am I all that technically computer savvy BUT I AM a consumer and an entrepreneur who still believes in integrity. This simply means that what I have to offer aligns with who I am: a Holistic Personal Trainer!

Way too often people approach me with 'their' ideas of what fitness is: fitting into jeans from 5 years ago, looking like that person in the magazine, or getting caught up in the latest fitness fad to hit the market.  Usually we both soon find out that actually these ideas which might have started out as superficial becomes more of a process and a personality. With the right guidance and encouragement, we can actually formulate a program which makes sense for my clients body to enhance their chances of success and sustainability.

However, the ultimate culprit in skewing people's cranium in my opinion is reality TV. Remember, fitness is a business and they are selling you the recipe for failure so that you can keep coming back! TV is selling you a story. Do you really think these lose fat programs are realistic? Ideal? Do you really want to be exercised and exploited so extremely all in the name of 'health'? And what exactly would that do for you when you are left skinny but torn and directionless once the curtains are closed? We see before and after pictures but do we ever stop to ask what really transpired? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is such a thing as photo shop, airbrushing and an amazing array of supplements and drugs that can make any body grow, cut, curve, shred, lean and fill. This is the part they don't share with you, the real truth and nothing but the truth.

 Call me cynical or call me out on my opinion but I truly don't believe that it is necessary nor safe to drag peoples bodies through a routine just because it makes them sweat. In fact I refuse to do it. I do believe in educating, inspiring and recruiting the best from my client, leaving them feeling pumped and motivated for the next workout!

This brings me back to my website. I realize that I have come full circle, from a time when working out meant pumping iron, being strong and having pride in the package you were given!! There were no molds to fit into or boxes to check off. I have experimented and played with many variations of exercises which always keeps things interesting. But it's not so important to always mix things up just because we live in a very attention deficient society. We are already bombarded and distracted with so much information and over stressed as it is, does your workout really have to add to all of that confusion?

Try this: full range of movement fundamental exercises at a slow pace with the purpose of extracting exactly all that your muscles have to give, and then leave! Leave the, recover, enjoy your life and come back stronger, every time, I promise:-)

Stay tuned, website to follow....

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