Monday, November 18, 2013

Exercise tips to get you through the Winter months.

Turning the clock back 1 hr this time of year always seems to have the same impact on people. Most interesting to me as a Personal Trainer with 15 years experience is how every year we forget how much this can affect our mood! So what needs to happen next in order for you to achieve a certain level of exercise which will support your mood and immune system throughout the Winter months?

 I always say: "A workout program is only as good as it is do-able based on 3 major factors; 
Available Time + Energy + Money"

This means let's take a look at what is realistic for you in regards to these 3 factors based on your particular situation right now. Creating an environment that supports our personal need to actually carve out time, and find just enough energy doesn't always have to cost money! 


  • Create your own home program with the only tool required which is free and always available: your body!! (you have one of those correct?) Go online or hire a trainer to help you with correct form and designate a space in your home small enough where you can perform a basic 10 minute circuit which could include push-ups, squats and sit-ups. Be creative and change your idea about what a complete workout needs to be. Use stuff that you have lying around the house . My personal favorite is soup cans that act as hand weights!
  • Don't be hard on yourself if you miss a workout at the gym. Either you will perform your home program instead or tomorrow you will come back to the gym stronger and more motivated due to your rest day
  • Put it in your calender or write yourself a daily note.  Recording your progress means taking responsibility when you can see it written in front of you! This is so powerful for so many people and it's free plus doesn't really take a lot of time or energy.  
  • One thing at a time!! Exercise and diet don't have to be perfect together always, let one lead to the other. For example, your body starts to change and crave nutrition ( food with nutrients in it) naturally once you start moving it initially. Trust your body knows what it needs to continue fueling your motivation. Don't delete anything in your diet yet but instead add one big green salad /day. Just watch and enjoy as this begins to make sense and becomes less of an effort as you reach for that apple instead of that candy bar.
  • What has worked in the past for you? And what was happening at that time in your life that enhanced your success? What can you do, change, delete or add to your life right now that can reflect that time in your life when you had success?
  • Throw out the scale!!! The # on the scale could be so limiting on so many levels. Your weight on the scale is not an accurate measure of what is really happening inside your body and head as you get stronger every day. Stop resisting what is possible without your scale and start celebrating your small successes along the way such as improved energy throughout the day and better quality sleep at night.
  • Interview and hire a trainer that can help you with some goal-setting and personalize a program for you every 2 weeks or 2 months. There are so many different trainers with varying business practices, surely you will find one who specializes in exactly what you need!
So what is the secret to your success? Taking responsibility and recording your progress. I've heard many reasons that people find to NOT have enough time, energy or money because it continues to give them permission to not do anything. It's called resistance, and we've all been there in some form or another. So which program is exactly right for you? The one you are going to DO!!!