Wednesday, April 9, 2014

what does it all mean....

One way I used to channel my energy during training camp was to write about what I was experiencing at that time. This poem I wrote in early 2000 while contemplating....

"What does it all mean when I have a dream?
One that requires every bit of steam: body-mind-soul.
Why does it have to be that I am driven exponentially
when it comes to my sport, a passion I could never abort

An affair sprung from innocence, the ring and the ropes they are my prince

Where do I turn, how far do I go
the game ain't the same once I turn Pro
But I've no other choice, so tells my inside voice
Deep inside I have inspected
by my gut feeling I must be directed

If I pay close attention ain't no denying - the love for my sport always worth trying 

So what does it all mean when I have a dream? 

Damn it all and GO THE EXTREME!" 

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