Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our Cleansing Experience Together

Another successful Cleanse Camp completed and we have some very happy lighter cleaner campers! 

As their Cleansing Coach it always inspires and amazes me to witness people's progress as they embark on this journey to seek and maintain improved health using the Isagenix fat burning system. Isagenix is a very reputable company with many years of research behind their product and many many satisfied customers as a result.

What begins as an unknown and somewhat scary journey for many usually transpires into a great learning and positive experience for all. Most people typically feel the need to cleanse either with the change of season or as a way to shift, change and improve on current eating and living habits. As a Personal Trainer for 16 years it remains the same across the board that moving our bodies is always complimented by introducing new eating and thinking patterns. This is where Isagenix comes in: 9 days of following an easy schedule to build new confidence along the way that yes, we CAN achieve weight loss with cleansing and maintain the results! 

It always brings me great pleasure to encourage and coach people through transition because cleansing is so much better together:-) Most satisfying and always interesting to me is to receive feedback from the cleansers about their clearer thinking and increased energy. This alone motivates people to continue and helps them to realize actually how sluggish their bodies and minds were before. This is eye-opening! Feedback usually comes in the form of an excited text or phone call to express their delight in how they are feeling. 

Everybody wins when cleansing because more valuable than weight loss or detoxing is the motivation that comes with simply feeling better and accomplished as a human being. These are the real results set and anchored to move forward positively! 

Please ask me how I can coach you, Happy Cleansing!!! 

Yvette Raposo

416 877 0849

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rules to box by.

Choose your stance, stand on guard

Train smart, fight hard _boxing is life-like.

Jab, slip, move - get into the groove.
Roll with the punches, give 'em back in bunches.
Mechanics are textbook, style is your own
Be stylish but don't be foolish. 
Fools underestimate, it takes integrity to be great.
Be versatile, learn to adjust.
Make 'em miss and come up with that kiss, right down the pipe when an opening is ripe.
I come to box,
for all I know 1-2-3 leads to a devastating blow.

Always have a backup, learn to follow-through, 

Most important rule: stay true - to you and your crew.