Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rules to box by.

Choose your stance, stand on guard

Train smart, fight hard _boxing is life-like.

Jab, slip, move - get into the groove.
Roll with the punches, give 'em back in bunches.
Mechanics are textbook, style is your own
Be stylish but don't be foolish. 
Fools underestimate, it takes integrity to be great.
Be versatile, learn to adjust.
Make 'em miss and come up with that kiss, right down the pipe when an opening is ripe.
I come to box,
for all I know 1-2-3 leads to a devastating blow.

Always have a backup, learn to follow-through, 

Most important rule: stay true - to you and your crew. 


Rob Zierhopher said...

True boxing wisdom, Yvette!

Andrew Calandrelli said...

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