Friday, November 21, 2014

The successful event that hasn't happened yet...

Amazing things are progressing in this process leading up to the Boxing Clinic Nov 30, the first of it's kind and more to come I'm sure. What started out as  simply a great idea has morphed into it's own force with a life of it's own! 

Part of my vision with this clinic is to bring boxing back where it belongs: in the hands of the fans. Other part, to help educate and soften the edges around people's perception of boxing as just a brutal sport. In fact, there is a reason why boxer's are in such fantastic shape: the training.  It's about time that the average person benefits, understands and appreciates what boxing training can do for them and their health and overall well-being. I feel it is my duty to share this information, to open people's minds to the possibilities that they too can feel really good. That they deserve to feel great and it's as easy as hitting a heavy bag: with proper instruction and positive intention. It is my contribution to the World right now. It was a gift given to me 16 years ago and one that I continue to pay forward helping to empower people, build confidence in individuals, bond closer relationships as well as counter some major stresses in our current society. 

So I'm on foot around town, flyering different neighbourhoods spreading the good word about what we are going to be doing at this new not-for-profit Boxing Club already doing great things in the community. 

I'm hanging out at coffee shops, laundromats, the butcher shop, martial arts studios, bars and restaurants engaging with people and learning about them as much as they are learning about what I am doing. I'm visiting places where people gather to share parts of their day to exchange pleasantries and have some human contact. We are having conversations which lead to philosophical discussions that would never have occurred if we were instead just scurrying along trying to catch the train. 

It occurs to me how important these connections have been because I am learning so much about my audience. This is where the curiousity begins and is able to survive and sustain itself: on the streets, in the neighbourhoods, within a circle of friends where it's safe to have an opinion and encouraged to explore new things. 

The whole process of creating the content on this flyer to physically handing them out, posting them in storefronts and talking about them has really already left such a huge impression along it's way. Something is happening. There is a certain buzzzzzz being created and it is my honour to be a part of it on November 30. 

The event that hasn't even happened yet but already a HUGE SUCCESS in it's own right. 

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