Monday, July 17, 2017

My thoughts on Mayweather vs. McGregor

This is a super slippery slope. 

It is being talked about as one of the biggest combat sporting events of all-time. Floyd Mayweather, a seasoned and incredibly accomplished Professional Boxer with a record of 49-0 is coming out of retirement to officially fight a Mixed Martial Artist signed with the UFC in Conor McGregor. The fight is scheduled for Aug 26, 2017.

I attended the 'press conference' ( more like a distasteful performance) in Toronto Wednesday July 12 at The Bubweiser Stage and observed very closely from very close to the stage that Mayweather actually appeared to not even want to be there. I really don't think this is what he had in mind when he signed to fight this fight considering everything that has unfolded up to this point on that stage, on this tour. 

I believe Conor is playing on and evoking certain emotions from his crowd which are actually dangerous and absolutely unwelcome in the arena which hosts the squared circle; anger, hate and disdain for our sport. 

This is the last thing boxing needs. 

My observation of the crowd in Toronto which was at least 95 percent pro-Conor ?
Hooligan-like behaviour. Is this the type of behaviour we want to promote and condone? Is this how we want to teach our kids to enjoy sport? 

Instead of just talking about money, this is a great opportunity for all of us who know and love boxing to educate and demonstrate to any fight fan what boxing traditionally is about and still should be all about: dedication to our craft, development of skill through repetition, camaraderie and respect for our opponent NOT berating eachother off a script.

Some might argue that this could be good for boxing, to bring the fans back or attract new ones. Ideally not under these circumstances please. My hope is that people who are truly curious about the sport of boxing and want to give it a fair shake will seek beyond PPV and these sensationalized manufactured 'performances'. There are an abundance of great matches and plenty of shows being put on right here, right now in #Ontario for example. You can see the action live, feel the vibe and support the fighters by attending, then decide for yourself if boxing is alive or not👊